Handy Shares Tips on Bringing the Best Out in Yourself


If you are low on self-esteem and not really happy with who or what you are, welcome to the club as there are many people like you. Dwelling on the past and thinking of ways you could have been will not help. Carrying this unnecessary baggage of negative emotions is futile. We cannot undo anything, but we can make a conscious effort to change it. Handy believes that no matter what the circumstances, let us think of bringing out the best in us. It’s still untapped, waiting to show itself to the world.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips you can follow to bring out the best in yourself:

1. Be comfortable in your own skin - We are what we are, and we cannot be what others want us to be. Accepting this fact is crucial. Each one of us has a distinct impression of ourselves. It’s okay to be different from others and have a unique personality. Dwelling on how others perceive you is not the right way to judge yourself. You can bring out the best in you only when you are happy about yourself.

2. Count your blessings - Instead of making a fuss on how you could not be successful because of the circumstances you were in, learn to count your blessings. Appreciate what you have today because this is the key to bring about the best in yourself tomorrow. Having a positive vibe can help you to improve yourself and allow you to be happy in the future.

3. Acknowledge that failures are a part of life - If you are scared of failure, you will never take the plunge to do anything. It’s okay to fall, but it’s not okay to remain there. To pick yourself up to try again is what successful people are all about. You are a worthy individual, do not allow yourself to think otherwise. Set a target and think of all the accolades that will follow when you achieve it.

4. Be honest - To become the best version of yourself, you have to be honest and truthful to yourself. You know yourself inside out, so don’t let fake emotions cement its status in your mind. It’s the only way to make the necessary changes to improve your well-being. Even if the truth is bitter, it’s best to face it instead of avoiding it.

5. Indulge in honing your skills - If you have failed in doing something, maybe you did not have the requisite skill to succeed. Start by sharpening your axe before trying to chop the wood again. See tutorials, engage in discussions with a maestro in the field or talk it out with a colleague or senior. It’s best to know your flaw before starting afresh.

6. Try until you succeed - To set a target to accomplish is the first step. You may break it to shorter targets to help you reach them better and bigger. Stick to your goals and work hard. Nothing compounds happiness better than the pleasure of achievement.



Never give up on yourself. Life is a wonderful gift and it is simple to be happy in your own space. Handy wants all of you to have a successful and happy life.

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