Matthew Davies Explains How to Turn Irritation into Productivity?


Irritation or irritability is an emotion we all feel in our daily life from time to time. Irritation is a gesture of agitation, which is a cause of sleep deprivation, low blood sugar, or any adverse health results. At higher levels of concern, it may be a result of a physiological cause like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders. However, irritation being one of the strongest emotions felt by any human can provide you with the motivation to counter the cause. But have you ever thought that this energy out of irritation could be turned into a productive work that can benefit you? Matthew Davies has come up with an explanation to justify the above-written statement.


According to a statistical study, every 3 out of 5 people have experienced an issue while handling anger. Have you ever thought that if each one of such people starts utilizing the irritational push into productive work, how much negativity will get erased from the world?

If you consider the worst-case scenario, unnecessary and extreme irritation can be incredibly vexing and frustrating, and it can even be an obstacle to your success. Therefore, as irritation can fuel us to be more productive, we should try rephrasing our emotions into success.

Channel your Emotions and Energy

The best thing to do is to divert your energy towards a task. You can direct your attention to a job that would engage your mind. Try to channel your emotions toward the positive things in life. Instead of involving in activities that are annoying or bothersome, try completing the unfinished work left behind. Productivity has no bounds. Therefore, you can even read your unread emails, or try doing yoga, take a long walk, or perform meditation as it can heal your soul.

Plan your Work 

If you feel a strong emotion and try to counter it, you feel determined. This determination can lead you to success or vengeance as quickly as desired. Instead of wasting your time in overthinking and overanalyzing situations, try to turn the rage you feel into a dedicated 5-year plan. It would be a step towards your betterment. Do not regret the time you waste getting irritated and annoyed. Instead, live more successfully later with all the planned benefits.

Do not overthink and Just Execute

If you are caught up in the negatives of your mind, the best action you can do is to keep moving. Do not overthink and execute your plans before the time runs out. By not leaving any time for you to reflect your annoyance, you won't allow yourself to question or second-guess yourself. Therefore, as soon as you create your plan, execute all the steps with your entire energy, and continue achieving the same as it can lead you to success.



According to Matthew Davies, no matter what the situation is, acting positively can help you to bring out the best in you. Acting positively can help you to turn negative emotions into productive energy that can help you to become more efficient at work.

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